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Who is Jörn?

Foto: Carsten Schlipf (

Hey traveler! Nice to meet you. May I introduce myself?

I'm a passionate photographer from Germany. Originally from Hessen I'm living now in the Stuttgart area. I love to travel, go hiking and to take pictures of landscapes and people.

Many years ago I started to take pictures with a nice Pentax camera. Initially I just made landscape pictures and took shots of my friends. While I have many years experience in nature photography, I'm pretty new to portraiture and people photography. I see this as an art to express the personality of my models.

In the meantime I switched to a Fuji X-T2 and love this camera and its lenses. My ultimate goal is to make great "film noir" or "dark beauty" like portraits :) However I like all kind of styles and setups. I will never be limited to a single one. Beside that I play similarly passionate but less successful Badminton and make my money at an IT company.

Please don't hesitate to contact me on my contact page if you like it or want give feedback. Everything is welcome!

Enjoy my pictures and come back soon :)

You can also contact me through my Facebook or Google+ accounts.